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Managed ICT Services

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We pride ourselves on delivering all our clients with cost effective, tailored ICT Outsourcing Services, which complements and enhance their own resources. 
We don’t sell our ICT support services ‘out of the box’, as our approach is to assist our clients with their challenges to take a consultative approach from the outset. We will always work with you to understand your challenges. 
Our flexible approach can provide you with a solution that is both cost effective and right for your business. 
Kulani ICT Solutions provides you with a team of experienced technicians and a multitude of highly customized automated services working 24/7 to optimize your servers, desktops and network infrastructure.
Some of the key benefits of engaging with us are: 
  • 24/7 Server support with full time or part-time employees
  • Consultation and comprehensive end to end Server lifecycle management
  • Incident management, Problem management, Change Management
  • Flexible support for ad-hoc needs and contingencies
  • Monitoring and managing of servers
  • Vendor management including server hardware procurement and installation
Kulani ICT Solutions Managed ICT Services program provides affordable proactive ICT management and support to growing businesses. Utilizing our unique framework for providing managed ICT services, Kulani Solutions provides a range of proactive services to keep your computer systems up and running and your people and business productive.
Featuresmanaged it services
  • Site Assessment and Inventory
  • Site Network diagrams
  • Accurate Internet Service / Failover
  • Server Raid configuration and regular monitoring abilities
  • Structured Server and Workstation naming convention
  • Up to date Backup system with offsite rotation
  • Online backup for all or selected data
  • Onsite Backups and Recovery
  • Customer backup documentation and reports
  • Customer specific disaster scenario plans
  • Licensed, centralized Anti Virus Solution
  • Effective Microsoft Updates policy (WSUS)
  • Incoming firewall rules & lockdown
  • VPN configuration, review & lockdown
  • Internet IT Policy, Security IT Policy and Data Policy
  • Proactive Service
  • Management and Status Reporting
  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Consistency
  • Productivity
  • Cost Management and Control
  • Performance
  • Managed Expansion and Growth
  • Best Practice driven
  • Automated and reliable

Our goal is to serve as your technology partner with a focus on providing solutions. We use a consultative approach to evaluate your business and technology needs and then advise on the best solutions for your current and future needs. Kulani ICT Solutions  can save your organization time and money through better use of appropriate technologies.

Systems Administration Based on Your Business Needs
Your annual Server and Workstation Managed IT Service contract can be bundled with discretionary onsite system administration hours that you can use whenever you need our engineers to perform tasks on-site. You may also purchase additional on-site hours, at a special price, for such tasks as break/fix occurrences, initial system deployment, and major OS upgrades. During the initial implementation, our engineers will discuss all steps of the implementation with you prior to beginning. They will then install the software necessary for remote administration, performing any reconfiguration required to bring all administered systems to a known state for easier monitoring and management. Configuration changes are documented and provided to you.
  • Site Assessment - Review system infrastructure and network security policies
  • Network Consistency - Bring infrastructure and systems to a known state; install applications, patches, or updates required
  • Site Database - Inventory database containing your system hardware and software
  • Review Managed Service Activities - Service and support procedures, discretionary on-site time, and the parameters of the service
On-going Managed Services include:
  • User Account Management
  • Security Patch Management
  • Software License Reporting
  • Client Network Configuration Management
  • 24x7 Server and Workstation Monitoring
  • Disk Space, Partition and Usage Management
  • Software Deployment
  • End User Remote Control
  • Management Reporting
  • System Inventory Reporting
On-Site System Administration Service
Most tasks Comprehensive System Administration Services
  • On-site break/fix maintenance of MAC and Windows OS-based server and workstations including attached peripherals such as Fibre, SAS, SCSI and network attached disk storage, tape storage, printers etc
  • On-site maintenance of Firewalls, Managed and Unmanaged Switches, Routers, UPS monitoring
  • Knowledge transfer to in-house administrators and end users
  • Optional on-site hardware maintenance
  • Increase efficiency respond faster to problems and meet required service levels
  • Increase effectiveness only used when needed
  • Realize value reduce your cost of ownership

Comprehensive Services
Your on-site engineer can perform any of these tasks:

  • Setup and deployment of new systems
  • Assist with the allocation of system resources
  • Assist in hardware failure determination and resolution
  • Assist in hardware maintenance as required; diagnosis and repair of defective hardware by replacing parts; and installation of hardware upgrades and new systems
Third-Party Software Support Coordination
As an added service, Kulani ICT Solutions will provide support coordination for your applications
  • One number to call for issues with all your applications and systems
  • Provide a technical liaison to vendors
  • Track issues through resolution
  • Provide matrix and analysis of issues
  • One point of contact - easy to remember and hand off for all aspects of the issue
  • Consistent communication - helps to expedite a resolution
  • Increased efficiency - users do not have to wait on-line with vendor representatives to resolve issues

Simple Solutions for

Complex Environments

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