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kulani voice over ipKulani ICT Solutions provides consumers and SME the latest telecoms technology at affordable prices and a suite of basic telecommunication services complemented with simple-to-use and beneficial value added services that enhance the service offering and experience. Kulani Solutions offers competitive call rates without compromising premium quality service.
Our calls are routed via direct interconnect facilities which ensure premium call quality and also caller line identity information. Our services cater for all types of businesses from consumer to large enterprise and call centre’s.
We provide hosted and onsite PBX services fully managed and customisable switchboard solutions with any number of DDI’s required. Advantages of our hosted PBX is that extensions can be located either within a single office or at various sites. If you want to work from home for a day simply unplug your phone from the office network, take it home with you and plug it in at home, your calls will seamlessly follow your phone and you can still transfer calls to/from your colleagues as you would normally.

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